Social Issues and Public Policy: Concepts, Approaches and Challenges

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Dr. Wajiha Raheeq
Saeeda Naseer
Sarwat Fatima


Public policy emerges as a powerful tool in the hands of policymakers, offering the potential to address these challenges effectively. This research aims to assess the theoretical underpinnings of policy analysis by providing a comprehensive framework for understanding how policies are formulated, implemented, and evaluated. Challenges abound in the realm of policymaking, and this research critically examines the complexities that policymakers face. It emphasizes the need for evidence-based decision-making, the delicate balance between competing values, and the ethical considerations that underpin policy choices. The study adopts an analytical, critical, and argumentative approach, drawing from a rich tapestry of academic literature. The research begins by illuminating the concept of social issues, encompassing a diverse array of multifaceted challenges, from poverty and healthcare disparities to environmental sustainability and education inequalities. These issues are shown to be dynamic and evolving, deeply entrenched within the fabric of society Through an exhaustive exploration of the intersection between social issues and public policy, this research paper seeks to render valuable insights to policymakers, political scholars and government stakeholders alike by striving for a more informed and effective approach to addressing the myriad challenges that societies encounter.

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Raheeq, W., Naseer, S., & Fatima, S. (2023). Social Issues and Public Policy: Concepts, Approaches and Challenges. JOURNAL OF LAW, SOCIAL AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCES, 2(2), 128–135. Retrieved from
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Dr. Wajiha Raheeq, Teaching Associate, Department of Social Work, University of Karachi, Pakistan.