Shaping the Future: Exploring the Role and Impact of STEM Education in Modern Educational Landscapes

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Rizwana Muneer
Ambreen Sameen Zaman
Madeeha Malik


Across the world, STEM education obtains tremendous attention from educationists and shows the urge to prepare students as global citizens. This study is an effort to investigate the impact of STEM-focused Teachers’ Professional Development Training Programs on teachers’ understanding of STEM education, its principles for improving teaching practices in the growing need for quality STEM education, and the integral role of teachers in preparing the skillful workforce of the future. A quantitative approach was used, and a survey questionnaire was designed for STEM teachers employed at STEM-focused schools in Karachi. The data was collected from 100 STEM teachers. The recorded data was analyzed by SPSS. With percentage frequency, descriptive statistics were used for data analysis. The data analysis of this study revealed that Teachers’ Professional Development in STEM education significantly enhances teachers’ understanding of STEM education and their proficiency in STEM instruction. These training programs improve their self-efficacy and equip them with essential skills and expertise for effective STEM teaching which enhances students learning. This research presents practic al implications, including curriculum adjustments to align with student preferences, targeted professional development for teachers, and a focus on prioritized STEM literacy skills. Collaboration between policymakers, academia, and stakeholders is also recommended to create a comprehensive and tailored approach to STEM education that meets the evolving needs and preferences of students.

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Muneer, R., Zaman, A., & Malik, M. (2023). Shaping the Future: Exploring the Role and Impact of STEM Education in Modern Educational Landscapes. JOURNAL OF LAW, SOCIAL AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCES, 2(2), 117–127. Retrieved from
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Rizwana Muneer, Associate Professor, Department of Education, University of Karachi, Pakistan.