Exploring Different Perceptions of the Local Community with Reference to CPEC

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Syeda Afshan Aziz
Sajid Ullah
Paras Khurram


The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a colossal economic initiative that has garnered widespread attention and diverse perceptions among Pakistan's local communities. Within the broader context, there is a spectrum of viewpoints ranging from optimism about the potential economic benefits to concerns regarding debt, environmental impact, and the equitable distribution of gains. These perceptions are integral to shaping the trajectory and impact of CPEC, and they hold significant implications for policy and progress. The paper draws upon established theories, such as the Theory of Community Development and Social Exchange Theory, to provide insights into how community dynamics and cost-benefit evaluations influence attitudes towards CPEC. It also emphasizes the importance of transparent governance and active engagement of local communities in decision-making processes related to such mega-infrastructure projects. Succinctly, this research paper provides with a general overview of the topic by recognizing the diverse perceptions within Pakistan's local communities regarding CPEC. It also highlights the significance of these perceptions in the broader context of international collaborations and their role in shaping the outcomes of large-scale development initiatives.

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Aziz, A., Ullah, S., & Khurram, P. (2023). Exploring Different Perceptions of the Local Community with Reference to CPEC. JOURNAL OF LAW, SOCIAL AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCES, 2(2), 21–29. Retrieved from https://jlsms.org/index.php/jlsms/article/view/25
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Syeda Afshan Aziz, Assistant Professor, Department of Pakistan Studies, Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology Karachi, Pakistan.